Laser-ranged satellites for testing General Relativity


LARES, acronym for LAser RElativity Satellite, is a passive, laser ranged satellite. The main goal of LARES mission is the measurement of the relativistic frame-dragging effect. Principal Investigator of the mission is Prof. Ignazio Ciufolini (Università del Salento - Italy). LARES, a completely passive satellite, has been designed to minimize the effects of non-gravitational... Read more...

The Science

LARES is a small space mission that will achieve important measurements in gravitational physics, General Relativity, space geodesy and geodynamics In particular, together with the LAGEOS and LAGEOS 2 satellites and with the GRACE models, it will provide a very accurate determination of the Earth gravitomagnetic field and of the Lense-Thirring... Read more...

Where is LARES now?

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