Laser-ranged satellites for testing General Relativity

Lares Mission

LARES, acronym for LAser RElativity Satellite, is a passive, laser ranged satellite. The main goal of LARES mission is the measurement of the relativistic frame-dragging effect. Principal Investigator of the mission is Prof. Ignazio Ciufolini (Università del Salento - Italy). LARES, a completely passive satellite, has been designed to minimize the effects of non-gravitational... Read more...

The Science

LARES is a small space mission that is achieving important results in gravitational physics, General Relativity, space geodesy and geodynamics In particular, by combining the data of LARES with the data of LAGEOS and LAGEOS 2 satellites, using the models of the gravitational field provided by the GRACE mission (and in future by the GRACE – Follow... Read more...

Where is LARES now?

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