Ignazio Ciufolini (Salento University - Italy):
LARES, Laser Relativity Satellite: Towards a One Percent Measurement of Frame Dragging by LARES, LAGEOS, LAGEOS 2, and GRACE

Enrico Flamini (Chief Scientist of (ASI) and PM of LARES - Italy):
The ASI contribution to Space Science

Rolf Koenig (GFZ - Germany):
Some aspects and perspectives of measuring Lense-Thirring with GNSS and geodetic satellites

Sergej Kopeikin (Dept of Physics and Astronomy, University of Missouri - USA):
Local Physics and a Global Geometry

Pier Giuliano Lasagni (Senior Vice President of AVIO Space Division - Italy):
The (successful) experience of the Maiden Flight of Vega, in parallel to the worth mission to lift LARES

Elio Mangraviti (PM of LARES, CGS/OHB - Italy):
The LARES System.

Erricos Pavlis (University of Maryland and NASA Goddard - USA):
The contribution of LARES in future ITRF developments.

Reinhart Neubert (GFZ,Potzdam - Germany):
The Centre of Mass Correction of LARES for Single Photon Detection.

Angelo Tartaglia (Politecnico di Torino - Italy):
Light as a probe of fundamental physics in space.

Slava Turyshev (JPL and NASA - USA):
Testing Fundamental Gravitation via Laser Ranging to the Moon and Mars/Phobos.

Gaetano Vilasi (Dept. of Physics, University of Salerno, and INFN - Italy):
On the Gravitational Interaction of Light.

Sir Roger Penrose.
Video of the Lectio Magistralis

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